Peter Strauss Ranch, Agoura Hills, CA

April - September 2018

Variant Depths consists of thousands of discarded container lids that lay across the bottom of the aging pool at Peter Strauss Ranch. The work explores the idea of the variant—of sites and objects that alter from its original function and that exist outside its expected use. The pool then has become a scene for a mosaic-like experience of perhaps a watery landscape, plant life or vibrant coloration.  It invites the possibility of raising the imaginable in the engagement of our surroundings. 






Peter Strauss Ranch, Agoura Hills, CA

July 1, 2018  4-5pm

A free public engagement program at Peter Strauss Ranch.  Olga Lah presents in collaboration with Davy Sumner a sound experience in the middle of the pool that relates to the surrounding art installation, Variant Depths. Encounter a visual and sound approach to a historic site that offers a new vision of the surroundings.





Papercut lounge at ArTEXCHANGE 

in conjunction with POW! WOW!

Long Beach, CA

May 26 - June 30, 2018

Translation is made up of hundreds of paper back books.  To “translate” means to cross over without being able to carry everything. The installation explores the concept of translation as a metaphor for how our lives are experienced and informed through the interpretation of our memories.

PAPERCUT Lounge is an event that includes curated contemporary art, unique, rare and artist edition books, plus  limited edition zines from 50 POW! WOW! Worldwide artists.  

PAPERCUT Opening: May 26 at 7 PM

POW! WOW! Opening Reception: June 24 at 7 PM

POW! WOW! PAPERCUT Closing Party: June 30 at 7 PM



Collaborative gallery

Long Beach, CA

June 8 - August 2, 2018

Flow I Obstruction is curated by Arts Council for Long Beach CAP committee member Carolyn Schutten with Sayon Syprasoeuth. Invited artists will unfold their process in real time and engage in a deep collective inquiry of the intersections between Long Beach waterscapes and human and consumer flows. The show will open with unexpected blank walls and the public is invited to engage with the artists and curators throughout the exhibition period. This conversation will lead to various activations throughout the exhibition.

OPENING: June 8 at 6pm

CLOSING: August 2 at 6pm